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WWB Cup Championship

The WWB Cup Championship was established in 2008 as the Wrestlers WithOut Borders world championship for non-Gay Games years. To celebrate the inaugural event, Golden Gate's Don Jung Memorial Tournament was moved for one year from San Francisco, site of the first Gay games, to Chicago, site of the last previous Gay Games, where it was hosted by Chicago Wrestling Club. Golden Gate was created in 1982 to host the first Gay Games; the Cyclones were created in 2005 to host the seventh Gay Games.

A total of 21 wrestlers from New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego competed in the 2008 WWB Cup Championship. Host Chicago won the team title, while the combined Guests narrowly defeated the Hosts in the overall standings. Weekend highlights included practice at Quads, a social mixer at a local bar and a BBQ hosted by James Michael and his family. WWB thanks go to all of the Cyclones with special thanks to Josh Watkins, James Michael and Howell Browne, without whom the weekend would not have been the success that it was.

The 2009 WWB Cup Championship was hosted by the Don Jung Memorial Tournament in San Francisco.

Inductees to WWB's Don Jung Hall of Merit are announced during the WWB Cup Tournament weekend.

Wrestlers at the 2008 WWB Cup Championship in Chicago 2008 WWB Cup

Host event: Don Jung Memorial Tournament

Host organization: Chicago Wrestling Club

Site: Gill Park Recreation Center, Chicago.

Date: May 25, 2008

Hosts vs. Guests Challenge
Guests 21, Hosts 20

Team Scoring
Club Gold Silver Bronze Team points
Chicago Cyclones 3 4 3 20
Philadelphia Spartans 1 1 2 7
San Francisco Golden Gate   1 1 5
San Diego Bulldogs 1 3
New York Metro 1 3
Southern California   1 1 3
Team scoring: Gold = 3 Silver = 2 Bronze = 1
Individual Results

Elliot Saveeda def. Victor Illas
Gold - Saveeda |Silver - Illas

Gus Scheerbaum d. Roger Brigham*
Scheerbaum def. Karin
Roger Brigham def. Karin
Gold - Scheerbaum (Philadelphia) |Silver - Brigham (SF) |Bronze - Karin (Chicago)

Round I
Billy Parish wins def. over David Gallegos
Chad Capdeville def. Steve Pezzoli
Round II
Capdeville def. Parish
Gallegos def. Pezzoli
Round III
Parish def. Pezzoli
Capdeville def. Gallegos
Gold - Capdeville (SF) |Silver - Parish (Chicago) |Bronze - Gallegos (Chicago)

Coke Harrell def. Eddie Chen
Ken Peters def. Chen
Peters def. Harrell
Gold - Peters (Chicago) |Silver - Coke Harrell (Los Angeles) |Bronze - Chen (Los Angeles)

Gary Gerber def. Kevin Martin*
Martin def. Howell Browne
Gerber def. Browne
Gold - Gerber (San Diego) |Silver - Martin (Philadelphia) |Bronze - Browne (Chicago)

Mike Jasso def. Jim Pirigyi
Peter Haag def. Pirigyi
Haag def. Jasso
Gold - Haag (Chicago) |Silver - Jasso (Chicago) |Bronze - Pirigyi (Philadelphia)

Terry Harris def. Ed Wyngren
Greg Hunt def. Ed Wyngren
Greg Hunt def. Terry Harris
Gold - Hunt (Chicago) |Silver - Harris (Chicago) |Bronze - Wengryn (Philadelphia)
Exhibitions: Pezzoli def. Scheerbaum; Saveeda def. Gallegos; Capdeville def. Scheerbaum; Haag def. Hunt.

Steve Pezzoli faces off against Josh Watkins at the 2009 WWB Cup Championship in San Francisco 2009 WWB Cup

Host event: Don Jung Memorial Tournament
Host organization: Golden Gate Wrestling Club
Site: Eureka Valley Recreation Center, San Francisco
Date: May 24, 2009
Number of wrestlers: 23
Number of matches: 33

Chicago Cyclones: Josh Watkins
Philadelphia Spartans: Ed Wengryn
New York Metro: Elliot Saavedra, Carl Weisbecker, Mike Faraci, Mark Evans
Southern California: Eddie Chen, Matt Carey, Christopher Lorefice, Steve Pezzoli, Philippe Kahn, Tony Ralda
San Diego Bulldogs: Tim Montaldo
San Francisco Golden Gate: Hoss Koch, Jose Urista, Carlos Cheung, Rafael Rivera, Oscar Mangandid, Chad Capdeville, Marty Dirks, Boris Nasunov, William Watts, Ben Thomas

Tournament officials: Kevin Martin*, Les Morgan*, Alex Ostrovskiy*, Josh Watkins
Tournament Director: Gene Dermody*   Event coordinator: Roger Brigham*

* Indicates Hall of Merit member

Hosts vs. Guests Challenge
Guests 22, Hosts 13

Team Scoring
Club Gold Silver Bronze Team points
San Francisco Golden Gate 2 3 1 13
Southern California 2 1 3 11
New York Metro  2 1 7
Philadelphia Spartans 1 2
San Diego Bulldogs 1 2
Chicago Cyclones   0
Team scoring: Gold = 3 Silver = 2 Bronze = 1

2009 tournament awards
Rookie of the Year - Christopher Lorefice, SCWC
Most Improved Wrestler - Tim Montalbo, SDWC
Ambassador Award - Elliot Saavedra, Metro
Leadership Award - Eddie Chen, SCWC
Wrestling Citizenship Award - Chad Capdeville, GGWC

Individual Results

Chris Lorefice, SCWC, p. Rafael Rivera, GGWC
Carl Weisbecker, Metro, def. Tim Montaldo, SDWC
Tim Montalbo, SDWC, p. Rafael Rivera, GGWC
Carl Weisbecker, Metro, sup. dec. Chris Lorefice, SCWC
Tim Montalbo, SDWC, def. Chris Lorefice, SCWC
Gold - Weisbecker, Metro|Silver - Montalbo, SDWC |Bronze - Lorefice, SCWC

Light middleweight
Mike Faraci, Metro, sup. dec. Steve Pezzoli, SCWC
Ross Capdeville, GGWC, sup. dec. Matt Carey, SCWC
Elliot Saveedra, Metro, def. Mike Faraci, Metro
Josh Watkins, sup. dec., Steve Pezzoli, SCWC
Elliot Saveedra, Metro, def. Matt Carey, SCWC
Capdeville, GGWC, by forfeit, Faraci, Metro
Gold - Elliot Saavedra, Metro |Silver - Matt Carey, SCWC |Bronze - Steve Pezzoli, SCWC
Note: Some matches from this pool did not count toward tournament standings

Heavy middleweight
Carlos Cheung, GGWC, def. Mark Evans, Metro
Carlos Cheung, GGWC, p. Eddie Chen. SCWC
Oscar Mangandid, GGWC, p. Mark Evans, Metro
Oscar Mangandid, GGWC, sup. dec. Carlos Cheung, GGWC
Gold - Oscar Mangandid, GGWC |Silver - Carlos Cheung, GGWC |Bronze - Mark Evans, Metro, and Eddie Chen, SCWC

Light heavyweight
Boris Nasunov, GGWC, def. Josh Watkins, CWC
Ben Thomas, GGWC. def. Boris Nasunov, GGWC
Hoss Koch, GGWC, p. William Watts, GGWC
Philippe Kahn, SCWC, p. Ben Thomas, GGWC
Hoss Koch, GGWC, p. Josh Watkins, CWC
Philippe Kahn, SCWC, p. William Watts, GGWC
Boris Nasunov GGWC, def. Hoss Koch, GGWC
Ben Thomas, GGWC. sup dec. Hoss Koch, GGWC
Gold - Philippe Kahn, SCWC |Silver - Ben Thomas, GGWC |Bronze - Boris Nasunov, GGWC

Marty Dirks, GGWC, p. Ed Wengryn, PSWC
Gold - Marty Dirks, GGWC |Silver - Ed Wengryn, PSWC

Super heavyweight
Tony Ralda, SCWC, p. Jose Urista, GGWC
Gold - Tony Ralda, SCWC |Silver - Jose Urista, GGWC