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Wrestling at the Gay Games

WWB at the Gay Games

Wrestling is the only sport that has been officially sanctioned in every Gay Games since their inception in 1982. The steps toward organizing Wrestlers WithOut Borders grew out of dissatisfaction with the planning of Gay Games III in Vancouver.

WWB joined the Federation of the Gay Games and has been directly involved with the FGG, the host organization and the host clubs in every games starting with Gay Games IV in New York City in 1994. In that year, the Gay Games offered women's wrestling competition for the first time — 10 years before the Olympics.

In 2006, many wrestlers sat out the competition in the wake of Montreal's split from the Gay Games, but 100 wrestlers still competed in Chicago. Gay Games VIII in Cologne drew just 40 wrestlers, the smallest tournament in Gay Games history.

Gay Games IX is scheduled for Cleveland in 2014.

Select a specific Gay Games from the menu below

Gay Games I - San Francisco, 1982

Gay Games II - San Francisco, 1986

Gay Games III - Vancouver, 1990

Gay Games IV - New York City, 1994

Gay Games V - Amsterdam, 1998

Gay Games VI - Sydney, 2002

Gay Games VII - Chicago, 2006

Gay Games VIII - Koeln, 2010

Gay Games IX - Cleveland, 2014

Gay Games X - Paris, 2018

Gay Games XI - Hong Kong, 2022

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GAY GAMES I - San Francisco - 1982

114.5 lbs
Gold: Brian| Sujata, GGWC, San Francisco

125.5 lbs
Gold: Peter Gomez, GGWC, San Francisco

136.5 lbs
Gold: Larry Blakely, SCWC, Los Angeles
Silver: Neil Marshall, GGWC, San Francisco
Bronze: Gene Dermody, New York City*

149.5 lbs
Gold: Don Jung, GGWC, San Francisco*
Silver: John Thayer, SCWC, North Hollywood, California
Bronze: Scott Velliquette, SCWC, Los Angeles

163 lbs
Gold: J. Montgomery, Sacramento CA
Silver: Randy Jansen, Middlebury, Vermont
Bronze: Gary Lonien, GGWC, San Francisco

180.5 lbs
Gold: R. Wright, SCWC, Los Angeles
Silver: T. Brown, San Jose
Bronze: E. Phillips, New York City

198 lbs
Gold: Cliff Brown, SCWC, Los Angeles
Silver: Frank Reid, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bronze: Marty Orlando, San Jose

220 lbs
Gold: W. Nuyens, Brussels, Belgium
Silver: Clark Niblock, San Antonio, Texas
Bronze: A. Lewis, GGWC, San Francisco

Gold: Jamie Runyan, SCWC, Downey, CA

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GAY GAMES II - San Francisco - 1986

18-25 Age Bracket

136.5 lbs.
Gold: George Ochoa, Sacramento, California

149.5 lbs.
Gold: Peter McNally, New York City

163 lbs.
Gold: Michael Long, GGWC, San Francisco

198 lbs.
Gold: Anthony Marino, SCWC, Los Angeles

220 lbs.
Gold: John H. Buse, SCWC, Los Angeles

Over 220 lbs.
Gold: Ray Geerlof, SCWC, SCWC, Los Angeles
26-35 Middle Age Bracket

125.5 lbs.
Gold: Leigh De Bose, Sacramento, California
Silver: Jose Caratini, GGWC, San Francisco
Bronze: Ron Ward,* SCWC, Los Angeles

136.5 lbs.
Gold: Michael Komoto, SCWC, Torrance, California
Silver: Joe Knapp, New York City
Bronze: Thomas Dolan, New York City

149.5 lbs.
Gold: Frederick Pagliucca, SCWC, Los Angeles
Silver: Jim Stillwater, Hyde Park, New York
Bronze: John Thayer, SCWC, Los Angeles

163.0 lbs.
Gold: Carl Roger Martin III, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee
Silver: Michael Bishop, SCWC, Los Angeles
Bronze: Robert Runyon, GGWC, San Francisco

180.5 lbs.
Gold: Carlis P. Sharpe, GGWC, San Francisco
Silver: Robert Shegog, Phoenix, Arizona
Bronze: Scott Carson, Boston, Massachusetts

220.0 lbs.
Gold: Jeff Greene, SCWC, Los Angeles
Upper Age Bracket (36 and over)

136.5 lbs.
Gold: Tim Cech, Houston, Texas
Silver: Gene Dermody, GGWC, San Francisco*
Bronze: Don Lyndahl, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

149.5 lbs.
Gold: Tony Thomas, Seattle, Washington
Silver: Don Jung, GGWC, San Francisco*

163 lbs.
Gold: Scott Velliquette, SCWC, Los Angeles
Silver: John English,* Sydney, Australia
Bronze: Ray Stetson, Boston, Massachusetts

180.5 lbs.
Gold: Mike Rivers, SCWC, Los Angeles
Silver: Greg Kahn, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bronze: Joseph Spack, New York City

198 lbs.
Gold: Frank Reid, Chicago

Over 220 lbs.
Gold: Russell Fetters, Glendale, Arizona

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GAY GAMES III - Vancouver - 1990</a>

Open (18-35 years of age)

48 kg
Gold: Robert Louis

52 kg
Gold: Ron Ward, SCWC*

57 kg
Gold: Frank Parisi
Silver: Martin De Julia
Bronze: William Jaques, Boston

62 kg
Gold: Raymond Jarvis
Silver: Larry Esch

68 kg
Gold: Paul Ruseski, Boston
Silver: Jim Stillwater-Rogers
Bronze: Elliot Coachman, New York City

74 kg
Gold: Gary France, GGWC
Silver: Steven Miles
Bronze: John Thayer, SCWC

82 kg
Gold: Carlis Sharpe, GGWC
Silver: Dave Baker
Bronze: Randy Jansen

92 kg
Gold: George Kley
Silver: Roger Street
Bronze: Hugh O'Brien

100+ kg
Gold: John Buse
Silver: Kevin Elzia
Bronze: Jim Brown
Age 36+
62 kg
Gold: Larry Blakely, SCWC
Silver: Gene Dermody, GGWC, San Francisco*
Bronze: Raymond Chamorro

68 kg
Gold: Brad Hasper
Silver: Ed Lindsay, NY Knights, New York City*
Bronze: Bob Wood

74 kg
Gold: Ed Unger, NY Knights, New York City
Silver: John English,* Australia

82 kg
Gold: John Necci
Silver: William Streb

90 kg
Gold: Albert Rocek, GGWC SF*
Silver: Rafel Cortes, NY Knights
Bronze: William Salzman

100 kg
Gold: Andrew Till, New York City*
Silver: Joseph Spack, New York City

100+ kg
Gold: Winston Mathis, GGWC

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GAY GAMES IV - New York - 1994


114.5 lbs
Gold: Jennifer Santisi, Jackson Heights, NY
Silver: Lucy Vargas, Yonkers, NY
Bronze: Fawn Houck, GGWC, San Francisco

125.5 lbs
Gold: Erin Carlyle, Jersey City, NJ
Silver: Joanna Burley, Durham, NC
Bronze: Darlene Fitzgerald, GGWC, San Francisco

136.6 lbs
Gold: Liesbet Nyssen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Silver: Cathy Seabaugh, Chicago
Bronze: Helen Vozenilek, GGWC, San Francisco

149.5 lbs
Gold: Anne Young, GGWC, San Francisco
Silver: Annette Barth, Colorado Springs, CO
Bronze: Chris Eagan, Newark, DE

180.5 lbs
Gold: Linda Avitabile, Brooklyn, NY
Silver: Stephanie Jones, Saint Louis, MO
Bronze: Kim Roy, Fountain, CO

198 lbs
Gold: Juanita Harvey, Brooklyn, NY
Silver: Kathleen McAdams,* GGWC, San Francisco
Bronze: Mary Wallace, GGWC, San Francisco
125.5 lbs
Gold: Frank Parisi, Brooklyn, NY
Silver: Scott Evers, Philadelphia, PA
Bronze: Frank Russo, Washington, D.C.

136.6 lbs
Gold: Mike Ognibene, New York, NY*
Silver: Mike Masino*, SCWC, Moorpark, CA*
Bronze: Richard Van Tassell, Spartans, Philadelphia*

149.5 lbs
Gold: Ralph Gramazio, Boston
Silver: Greg Grapski, Bridgeport, CT
Bronze: James Freel, Forest Hill, MD

163 lbs - Division A
Gold: Steve Johnston, GGWC, San Francisco
Silver: Mark Evans, New York City
Bronze: Reginald Sellars, Dedham, MA

163 lbs - Division B
Gold: Timothy Gerken, New York City
Silver: Rod Seely, GGWC, San Francisco
Bronze: Gary France, GGWC, San Francisco

180.5 lbs
Gold: Jason Barnett, Cleveland, OH
Silver: Spencer Greene, Boston
Bronze: Matthew Grapski, Bridgeport, CT

198 lbs
Gold: George Clay, New Jersey
Silver: Jeffrey Rykhus, New Haven, CT
Bronze: Timothy Tallent, Colorado Springs, CO

220+ lbs
Gold: Byron Bantum, Washington, D.C.
Silver: Brian DeLaurentis, New York, NY
Bronze: Dwayne Morris, Aurora, CO
125.5 lbs
Gold: Robert Lubarsky, Lancaster, PA
Silver: Ronald Ward, SCWC, Los Angeles*
Bronze: Robert Downing, New York, NY

136.6 lbs
Gold: Joseph Knapp, Sunnyside, NY
Silver: Don Taylor, New York, NY
Bronze: Richard Gebhart, Portland, OR

149.5 lbs
Gold: Allen Posey, GGWC, San Francisco
Silver: Austin Knight, Ledyard, CT
Bronze: Ed Lindsay, NY Knights, New York City*

163.0 lbs
Gold: Fredrick Pagliuca, GGWC, San Francisco
Silver: James Bruni, Portland, ME
Bronze: Jim Robbins, New York, NY

180.5 lbs
Gold: Jay Douglas, Lorton, VA
Silver: Ed Unger, NY Knights, New York City
Bronze: Randy Jansen, Miami Beach, FL

198 lbs
Gold: Albert Rocek, GGWC, San Francisco*
Silver: James Gannon, College Park, MD
Bronze: Robert Connolly, Philadelphia, PA

220 lbs
Gold: David Walker, Colorado Springs, CO
Silver: Cliff Brown, SCWC, Los Angeles
Bronze: Barry Tracy, New York, NY

286+ lbs
Gold:Raymond Geerlof, Hoboken, NJ
Silver: Bradley Eggers, Sommerville, NJ
Bronze: Jim Brown, Detroit, MI

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GAY GAMES V - Amsterdam - 1998
 Men — 34 and under
 Gold  Silver  Bronze
 Rafael Rivera 58 kg
    San Francisco, US

 John Merciadez 58 kg
    Boston, US

 Michael Faraci 63 kg
    New York, US

 T. Fixter 63 kg
 Johnny Almony 63 kg
    San Francisco, US*

 Gary Bertonis 76 kg
    New York, US

 Robert Lebeau 76 kg
    San Francisco, US

 Santiago Arana 76 kg
    New York, US

 Tony Tapia 85 kg
    San Francisco, US

 J. Linga 85 kg
 James Sterling 97 kg
    New York, US

 Lars Rains 97 kg
    Brooklyn, US

 Dwayne Morris 125 kg
    Coldspring, US

 Ryan De Laurentis 125 kg
    Cos Cob, US

 Men 35 years and older
 Gold  Silver  Bronze
 Erich Richter 58 kg
    San Francisco, US*

 Robert Lubarsky 58 kg
    Koln, DE

 David Ranada 58 kg
    Jackson Heights, US*

 Rick van Tassell 58 kg
    Philadelphia, US*

 Michael Ognibene 63 kg
    New York, US*

 Joseph Knapp 63 kg
    Sunny Side, US

 Bryan Northam 69 kg
    San Francisco, US

 Dave Pierce 69 kg
    Denver, US

 Allen Posey 69 kg
    San Francisco, US

 Michael Thompson 69 kg
    Philadelphia, US

 Hans van der Gaarden 69 kg
    Amsterdam, NL

 Ed Lindsay 69 kg
    New York City*

 Martin van Bracht 76 kg
    Berlin, DE

 Rick Weeks 76 kg
    Petaluma, US

 Peter DuBois 76 kg
    San Francisco, US

 Jim Provenzano 76 kg
    San Francisco, US

 Jay Douglas 85 kg
    Lorton, US

 Roy Colpert 85 kg
    London, UK

 Gene Dermody 85 kg
    San Francisco, US*

 Randy Jansen 85 kg
    Provincetown, MA

 Albert Rocek 97 kg
    San Francisco, US*

 George Kley 97 kg
    Westfield, US

 John Leese 97 kg
    Tampa, US

 Byron Bantum 125 kg
    Washington, US

 Tim Tallent 125 kg
    Denver, US
 James Bamberg 125 kg
    New York, US

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GAY GAMES VI - Sydney - 2002

55 Normand Desjardins (CAN EnPrise-Montreal) Peter Verey (AUS HCWC-Sydney) Jose Caratini (USA GGWC-SanFrancisco)
60 Matt Carey (USA SCWC-LA)* Allen Ross (USA Eagles-Tampa) Erich Richter (USA GGWC-SanFrancisco)*
66 Johnny Almony(USA GGWC-SanFrancisco)* Ewald Kentgens (GER Berlin) John Aragon (USA Spartans-Philadelphia)
74A Manfred Molt (GER Stuttgart)* Neil Bowyer (AUS HCWC-Sydney) Dave Pierce (USA RMWC-Denver)
74B Mohammad Jamali (CAN LionsGate-Vancouver) Si Durney (USA GGWC-SanFrancisco) Stephan Lemire (CAN EnPrise-Montreal)
84A Gilbert Khoury (USA Metro-NYC) Dave Wegner (USA Spartans-Philadelphia) Tony Tapia (USA GGWC-SanFrancisco)
84B Gene Dermody (USA GGWC-SanFrancisco)* Denis Labelle (CAN EnPrise-Montreal) Mark Pfeiffer (USA Metro-NYC)
96 Scott Kochman (USA (Metro-NYC) Victor Mees (BEL) Terry Grossman (USA SCWC-LA)
120 Tim Tallent (USA RMWC-Denver) John Ascher (USA GGWC-San Francisco)  
60 Michael Ognibene (USA Metro-NYC)* Rafael Rivera (USA SKWC-Seattle) Oliver Ingremibiu (FRA Lutte-Paris)
66 Bryan Northam (USA GGWC-SanFrancisco) Michael Faraci (USA Metro-NYC) Kris Landherr (USA Metro-NYC)
74A Benoit Deschenes (CAN EnPrise-Montreal) Michael Promny (GER Stuttgart) Paul Andrews (AUS HCWC-SCWC)
74B Calvin Malone (USA GGWC-SanFrancisco) * Roger Blenman (CAN LionsGate-Vancouver) Ronn Edwards (USA Metro-NYC)
84 Perry Biglen (USA CA unattached) Dion Brown (USA Metro-NYC) Alfred Tom (USA Metro-NYC)
96 James Sterling (USA NYC unattached) James Estrella (USA AZ unattached) Andreas Czerney (GER Frankfurt)
120 Brad Taylor (USA GGWC-SanFrancisco) Dieter Uihlein (GER Franfurt)  
66 Erika Hom* (USA GGWC-SanFrancisco)    
74 Jane Potenza (USA unattached)Jane Potenza (USA unattached)    
84 Jennifer Silverman (USA Metro-NYC) Sonia Lawless (AUS HCWC-Sydney)Sonia Lawless (AUS HCWC-Sydney)  

Team Medal Standings**
1 Golden Gate Wrestling Club San Francisco United States 6 2 3 25
2 Metro Wrestling Club New York City United States 4 2 4 20
3 Lutte En Prise Montreal Canada 2 1 1 9
4 Harbour City Wrestling Club Sydney Australia 0 3 1 7
5 Lions Gate Wrestling Club Vancouver Canada 1 1 0 5
Stuttgart Wrestling Club Stuttgart Germany 1 1 0 5
7 Rocky Mountain Wrestling Club Denver United States 1 0 1 4
Southern California Wrestling Club Los Angeles United States 1 0 1 4
9 Spartans Wrestling Club Philadelphia United States 0 1 1 3
Frankfurt Wrestling Club Frankfurt Germany 0 1 1 3
11 Eagles Wrestling Club Tampa United States 0 1 0 2
Berlin Wrestling Club Berlin Germany 0 1 0 2
Seattle Kings Wrestling Club Seattle United States 0 1 0 2
Team Belgium   Belgium 0 1 0 2
15 Paris Lutte Paris France 0 0 1 1

* Indicates Hall of Merit member

** Medal winners who were not registered with any team have not been included in this tally.
Points are tallied on the basis of 3 points for gold, 2 for silver, 1 for bronze.

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GAY GAMES VII - Chicago - 2006

  Gold: Rebecca Rosenberg, Atlanta

68 kg.
  Gold: Erika Hom,* GGWC, San Francisco
    Silver: Rene Mercado, WCWC, Chicago

100 kg.
  Gold: Angela Nelson, WCWC, Chicago

48 kg.
  Gold: Courtnay O'Connell, WCWC, Chicago

74 kg.
  Gold: Erin Carlyle, Jersey City, NJ

82 kg.
  Gold: Donna Rose, Scottsdale, AZ*

MEN'S OPEN 18-34
57 kg.
  Gold: Elliot Saavedra, Albany, NY
    Silver: Carl Weisbecker, Metro, New York City
      Bronze: Brian Saxsenmeier, GGWC, San Francisco

62 kg.
  Gold: Antonio Quirante, SCWC, Los Angeles
    Silver: Lawrence Ineno, SSWC, Los Angeles
      Bronze: John Proiux, PSWC, Philadelphia

68 kg.
  Gold: Shawn Giberson, Vorhees, NJ
    Silver: Bryan Northam, GGWC, San Francisco
      Bronze: Ross Capdeville, GGWC, San Francisco

74 kg.
  Gold: Rafael Medina, SCWC, Los Angeles
    Silver: Phillippe Kahn, SCWC, Laguna Hills, CA
      Bronze: Christopher Urban, WCWC, Chicago

82 kg.
  Gold: Calvin Malone, GGWC, San Francisco*
    Silver: Sam Stewart, GGWC, San Francisco

90 kg.
  Gold: James McConchie, GGWC, San Francisco
    Silver: Perry Bigley, Tucson, AZ
      Bronze: Dennis Langolois Jr., PSWC, Philadelphia

100 kg.
  Gold: Matthew Moranville, SDBWC, Poway, CA
    Silver: Ross Schmidt, GGWC, San Francisco

100 kg.
  Gold: Jason Jake Knight, WCWC, Chicago

57 kg.
  Gold: Daniel Meeker, WCWC, Chicago

62 kg.
  Gold: Matt Carey, SCWC, West Hollywood, CA*
    Silver: Mike LoFurno,* PSWC, Philadelphia
      Bronze: Dean Blaser, Janesville, WI

68 kg.
  Gold: Mike Masino, SCWC, Moorepark, CA*
    Silver: Graig Friedman, PSWC, Philadelphia
      Bronze: Johnny Almony, GGWC, San Francisco*

74 kg.
  Gold: Josh Watkins, WCWC, Chicago
    Silver: Scott Lone, WCWC, Chicago
      Bronze: Art Hoxworth, RMWC, Denver

82 kg.
  Gold: Keith Boykin, Metro, New York City
    Silver: Marty Dirks, GGWC, San Francisco
      Bronze: Mike Jasso, Washington, D.C.

90 kg.
  Gold: Paul Reutzel, SCWC, Long Beach, CA
    Silver: Joe Corrion, Holt, MI
      Bronze: James Estrella, Flagstaff, AZ

100 kg.
  Gold: Lawrence Moore, WCWC, Chicago
    Silver: Pedro Guilloty, Ocean Park, Puerto Rico

130 kg.
  Gold: Carlos Castrillo, GGWC, San Francisco
    Silver: James Brown, Redford, MI

MEN'S VETERAN (50 and older)
62 kg.
  Gold: Roger Brigham, GGWC, San Francisco*
    Silver: Noel Baggett, GGWC, San Francisco

68 kg.
  Gold: Steve Ford, SCWC, Los Angeles
    Silver: Peter Richards, Victoria, BC, Canada

74 kg.
  Gold: Si Durney, GGWC, San Francisco
    Silver: Gary Gerber, SDBWC, San Diego*

82 kg.
  Gold: Gene Dermody, GGWC, San Francisco*
    Silver: Ty Downey, SDBWC, Rancho Mirage, CA

90 kg.
  Gold: Dennis Spillman,* PSWC, Philadelphia

100 kg.
  Gold: John Ascher, GGWC, San Francisco
    Silver: Scott Kochman, Metro, Brooklyn, NY
      Bronze: Mike McCann, Seattle, WA

* — Denotes member of Hall of Merit
Gay Games VII Medal Standings
Rank TEAM CITY G S B Total Medals POINTS
1 Golden Gate WC San Francisco 8 5 3 17 37
2 Windy City WC Chicago 6 2 1 9 23
3 Southern California WC Los Angeles 6 2 0 8 22
4 Philadelphia Spartans WC Philadelphia 1 2 2 5 9
5 Metro WC New York City 1 2 0 3 7
San Diego Bulldogs WC San Diego 1 2 0 3 7
7 Rocky Mountain WC Denver 0 0 1 1 1

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GAY GAMES VIII - Cologne - 2010

Gay Games VIII Medal Standings
Locale G S B Medals Points
Golden Gate WC/San Francisco 4 0 2 6 14
Metro Alliance/New York City 2 1 1 4 9
Germany 0 3 2 5 8
San Diego Bulldogs WC/San Diego 2 1 0 3 8
Belgium 2 0 0 2 6
Switzerland 2 0 0 2 6
Harbour City WC/Sydney 0 1 2 3 4
Netherlands 1 0 1 2 4
Chicago WC 0 1 1 2 3
France 1 0 0 1 3
Spain 1 0 0 1 3
Spartans WC/Philadelphia 1 0 0 1 3
Italy 0 1 0 1 2
Phoenix/Arizona 0 1 0 1 2
Southern California WC/Los Angeles 0 1 0 1 2

Continent G S B Medals Points
North America 9 5 4 18 41
Europe 7 4 1 12 30
Australia 0 1 2 3 4

Bronze medalist Jeroen Tan, Netherlands, goes for control at 74 kilos.||Gay Games photo/Matthias Ebert

62 kg.
  Gold: Stephanie Spencer, SDWC

MEN'S OPEN (18-35)
68 kg.
  Gold: Krysztof Dobrowolski-Onclin, Netherlands
    Silver: Oscar Gonzales, SDWC
      Bronze: Jeffrey Yunes. GGWC

74 kg.
  Gold: Ross Capdeville, GGWC
    Silver: Phillipe Kahn. SCWC
      Bronze: Thorsten Kretzinger, Germany

82 kg.
  Gold: Calvin Malone, GGWC*
    Silver: Toni Zierer, Germany
      Bronze: Kristopher Burrell, Metro

90 kg.
  Gold: Loĩc Le Métayer, France
    Silver: Perry Bigley, Phoenix AZ
      Bronze: Andrew Asquith, HCWC
        4th: Rudy Ramirez, GGWC

100 kg.
  Gold: Ronny Bekaert, Belgium

130 kg.
  Gold: Mathew Moranville, SDWC

62 kg.
  Gold: Marcel Morf, Switzerland

68 kg.
  Gold: Adrien Sie, Metro
    Silver: Ronald-Mike Neumeyer, Germany
      Bronze: Michael Ertel, Germany
        4th: Gus Scheerbaum, PSWC

74 kg.
  Gold: Bruno Aregger, Switzerland*
    Silver: Josh Watkins, CWC
      Bronze: Jerone Tan, Netherlands*
        4th: Greg Lines, SDWC*

82 kg.
  Gold: Mark J. Evans, Metro
    Silver: Franz Mayr, Germany
      Bronze: Gerard Galluzo, HCWC
        4th: Eddy Huyskens, Belgium
         5th: Roland Engel, Germany

90 kg.
  Gold: David De la Horra, Spain
    Silver: Galileo Galilei, Italy
      Bronze: Jim Garrett, CWC

130 kg.
  Gold: Johan Bogaerts, Belgium

MEN'S VETERANS (50-and-older)
62 kg.
  Gold: Rick Van Tassell, PSWC*
    Silver: Robert Lubarsky, Metro
      Bronze: Roger Brigham,* GGWC

74 kg.
  Gold: Si Durney, GGWC

90 kg.
  Gold: Gene Dermody, GGWC*
    Silver: Barry Webb, HCWC*
* — Denotes member of Hall of Merit K

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GAY GAMES IX - Cleveland - 2014

Grappling Collapsed Age/Weight Divisions actually contested (NOT UME):
CAT_________ Gold_______________ Silver_______________ Bronze_______________ Steel_______________

HVYWT#1 Andrew Zaleski(CLE) Andrew Farrell(AU)
MDLWT#1 Dick Scott (DC) David Paul (CHI) Frank Petkovich(SF) Mike Sammons(UK)
HVYWT#2 Calvin Malone(SF)* Mike Fuhrman(SF) Johnnie McDuffie(COL)
LTWT#1 Jeroen Tan(NL)* Ron Ward(SF)*
LTWT#2 Ross Capdeville(SF) Philippe Gloor(CH) Scott Fernandis(AU)
HVWT#3 Ron Edwards(NY) John Ascher(SF)
LTWT#3 Harry Gloss(BOS) Steve Pizzaoli(LA) Erika Hom(SF)*
MDLWT#2 Brinschwitz(AU) Eli Rarey(LA) Jim Parillo(NY)

FreeStyle Divisions actually contested (UME before collapsing)):
CAT_________ Gold_______________ Silver_______________ Bronze_______________ Steel_______________

M 57 Tobias Herger(CH)
V 57 Roger Brigham(SF)*
O 62 F Robyn Soper(AU)
M 62 Chris Lorefice(LA) Steve Pizzaoli(LA) Marcel Morf(CH)
V 62 Bob Lubarsky(FTL) Anthony Wells(AU) Jim Saunders(RI)
O 58 Scott Fernandis(AU) Jason Cruickshack(LA) Jeff Yunes(SF)
M 68 F Erika Hom(SF)*
M 68 Tristan LaCroix(NJ) Jose Serrano(SF) Mark McNally(MN) A. Mendez(CH)
V 68 Jeroen Tan(NL)* Dave Horvath(CLE) Ron Ward(SF)*
O 74 Ross Capdeville(SF)
M 74 Bruno Areggar(CH)*
V 74 Rod Seely(SF) Lanford Wilson(NY) Mike Sammons(UK)
O 82 Carlin Yetts(COL) Christian Paesano(AU) Duncan Pickup(AU)
M 82 Eli Rarey(LA) Philippe Gloor(CH) Jesus Ruiz(SF)
V 82 Gene Dermody(SF)* Barry Webb(AU)*
O 90 Calvin Malone(SF)* Nick Preston(AU)
M 90 Josh Watkins(SF) Kurt Brinschwitz(AU)
V 90 David Gatian(CLE) Matt Stremel(CHI) Joe Chapman(NL)
M 100 Ron Edwards(NY)
V 100 Anthony Galuzzo(AU)* Scott Kochman(NY)
O 130 Johnnie McDuffie(COL) Neil Franklin(AU) Andrew Farrell (AU)
V 130 John Ascher(SF)
O 130+ Andrew Zaleski(CLE)
* — Denotes member of Hall of Merit C

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GAY GAMES X - Paris - 2018

* — Denotes member of Hall of Merit P

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GAY GAMES XI - Hong Kong - 2022

* — Denotes member of Hall of Merit H

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