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  Officially CLOSED due to COVID.
  GGWC will NOT organize for GGs XI Hong Kong 2023.
  It is Unsafe to Compete with No Training.
  Possible Quarantines, Political Instability, and Cost are currently prohibitive.
  For a detailed raison d'etre on FaceBook:   COVID ShutDown !

  Practices hours at Eureka Valley Rec Center, 18th and CollingWood St. 94114 San Francisco:
  Tuesday/Friday 6-9pm Upstairs Mat Room (adults/youth)
  Saturday 1-3pm EVRC KIDS CampGrappling Program
  Saturday 3-5pm Adults ON DEMAND ONLY Reservations
  Other WWB/GGWC Events
  Find us on FaceBook !

The Mat Room is Now Open!

Find us on FaceBook !

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Golden Gate Wrestling Club Golden Gate Wrestling Club


            a community-based wrestling & grappling club for all

      Golden Gate Wrestling Club (GGWC) is a 35 years California based 501c-3 non-profit volunteer-run club devoted to the promotion of amateur wrestling in the San Francisco Bay Area. Run with the cooperation and support of the San Francisco Park and Recreation Department, GGWC offers coaching, training and competition opportunities for local wrestlers in FreeStyle, Greco-Roman, Scholastic FolkStyle, and Grappling.

  • Year-round GGWC practice sessions for Kids, Youth, and Adult wrestlers regardless of age, experience, race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  • Development of coaches for San Francisco Alliance Wrestling, a GGWC FreeStyle/Scholastic program for high school wrestlers in San Francisco, and Camp Grappling, a GGWC program for Kids 6-12
  • UWW / USA Wrestling Scholastic, FreeStyle, GRECO, Grappling styles
  • IRS/CA/USAW/SF non-profit Business docs

  GGWC will hold its 32nd. Don Jung Memorial Event
  Eureka Valley Rec Center (EVRC) upstairs MAT ROOM
  100 Collingwood St. San Francisco CA 94114

  Friday 9/27/2019 6-9pm regular/formal GGWC Practice
  Saturday 9/28/2019 3pm Open Mat / Challenge Matches
  $10 REQUIRED Competitor-Registration/Fee: click here
  REQUIRED 2019-2020 USAW Competitor/Leader Card: click here
      [nb: WWB Closed Competitor Event... Limited Space... Scheduled Pairings... No Walk In Audience Seating!]

SD Wrestling


Amateur FreeStyle GRECO Wrestling & Grappling for all ages & skill levels. Open to anyone over the age of 5 (KIDS). Practices are held upstairs at the Eureka Valley Recreation Center 100 Collingwood St. San Francisco CA 94114 one block from the Castro St. & Market St. MUNI: K L M F 24 35 .

Practice schedule:
Tuesday Friday 6-9pm (HS Youth & Adults)
Saturday 12-2pm (KIDS CampGrappling Program)
Saturday 3-5pm (Adults ON DEMAND ONLY)
GGWC Events
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