Gene Dermody: links to writing, recognition and clippings




Celtic knot


Title IX DOE Presentation 2002

Father Mychal Judge 2001

Sydney Olympics Wrestling 2000

"Out in the Castro" 2002

HillSide Wrestling IX 2002

Sydney GGVI Wrestling 2002

Filling In The Blanks 2005

GGWC Memorial Day 2005

Efficacy of Drug Testing 2010


The Advocate 1998 "Jocks"

BASOC 2012 Olympic Bid

KQED SF GLBT 2003 Local Hero

NLGJA 2005 Out in the HeartLand: "Athletes in our Midst: Why Covering LGBT Sports Makes Good News Sense "

Seattle Gay News (SGN) March 2008: " Going To The Mat for a Good Cause "
SGN direct LINK to above...

Bay Area Reporter (BAR) May 2008 Endorsement for SFRCC
eBAR direct LINK to above...

2010 Tom Waddell Finalists Announced
2010 Tom Waddell nominees announced
eBAR direct LINK to above...

Voice "Stanford U: Playing Positive" (me)!...local link
Voice "Stanford U: Playing Positive" (entire article)!...local link

2014 Tom Waddell Winner Announced: FGG, Kappa Sigma, Montclair State U
2015 National Gay and Lesbian Sports Hall of Fame induction


SF/LA Edge article on GGWC/Alliance/Mission HS

The Australian
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