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In memoriam
Carl Roger Martin III
LookOut Mountain TN
1960 - 1992

Carl Martin Wrestling is my soul

Without it I would have been a very depressed person.

Without its discipline & exhilaration I probably would have been dead at 35, like so many of my generation who put no limits to their hedonism.


New York University Wrestling Team 1967 New York University wrestling team

I wrestled at 129 pounds for the Fighting Violets. I am in the front row, extreme right (just like my politics) with the wrong shoes on.

As head wrestling coach of the Leonia NJ High School team. Assistant coach John Ponsi is on the right. [1981]

I beat Don Jung's younger brother for the bronze in 1982 Bronze medalist, Gay Games I
With Jerry Carlson of the LA Gay Mens Chorus  
The Gay Games I in 1982 were a mind-blowing, life-changing experience. I was ticked off I only took the bronze medal at 136 pounds (above, I beat Don Jung's brother) but enjoyed some 'fresh air' with Jerry Carlson of the Los Angeles Gay Mens Chorus. After the Games, I quit my job in Jersey and moved to San Francisco.

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Gino with Lou Gino with Carl Martin at Folsom Street Fair

Above: With Carl Martin at the 1984 Folsom St. Fair. Carl served in the U.S. Air Force in the '70s with gay activist Leonard Matlovich. We bought 63 Whitney together in 1982.

Left: With Lou Liberatore, star of Broadway stage and Hollywood screen, at the West Hollywood Southern California Wrestling Tournament. Lou was from Leonia NJ and wrestled for St. Joseph's Montvale NJ. [1983]

Gay Games II — August 1986, San Francisco
Gino on the Gay Games II medal stand next to Tim Cech Gene mat side in 1986 with Coach Don Jung, founder of GGWC
Scott Velliquette wins in Gay Games II Above: Standing matside next to GGWC founder Don Jung.
Above: Good friend Scott Velliquette of Southern California WC won gold.
I took the silver to gold medalist Tim Cech at 136# Masters.

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The three terrors of GGWCGolden Gate Wrestling, San Francisco 1987

We were the team's light-middle weights, a trio to be reckoned with. Tim Cech was a phenomenal technical wrestler from Niles East Skokie IL who was the 120# Illinois State Champ in '66-67. He then wrestled for the legendary Cliff Keen of the University of Michigan. He caught me in the 3rd period in the finals of the Masters 136# division in GGs2 1986. The bout is actually captured on the GGs2 commercially available video of the entire wrestling tournament (mistakenly marketed as 'porn'), and advertised with a picture of us in a stalemate position: California Wrestling. We became very close friends and immediately started training for GGsIII Vancouver 1990. Tim never made it to GGs3 and passed from HIV complications mid 1990's. He was always trying to get me to lighten up and have fun. I learned more about wrestling, life, and love from Tim in those 5 years than I had ever known before. I still miss him very much and still dream of our rematch at 136#. Mickey Bailey was not as technical a wrestler, but his strength was more than enough to handle both of us. Mickey Bailey has been my contractor ever since 1987, and lived in my lower unit.

At the USA Nationals in 1998
With Olympian Kendall Cross
With Bryan Northam in Amsterdam
Above: Sharing a laugh with Bryan Northam at Gay Games V [Amsterdam, 1998]

Left: At the USA Wrestling National Championships, I coached Rochelle Robinson to a first place finish at 185 pounds and Tekla Balulkas to a fifth place finish at 163 pounds. [Orlando, Florida, April 26 1998]

Left: With 1994 Olympic Gold Medalist 'Gumby Man' Kendall Cross at the Monterey Coaches Clinic 1998 [Monterey, California, 1998]

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The 'Sopranos'Left: At the GGVI Golden Gate-Seattle Kings team dinner, Doyles Circular Quay, Sydney AU Harbor. Rafael Rivera, me, Johnny Almony, and Phillip Whaley. [Sydney 4 November 2002] Right: Erika Hom hoists Calvin Malone at the Folsom Street promotion. [September 2002] Erika hoists Calvin over her shoulders

Harbour City Wrestling Club'Left: Harbor City Wrestling Club. Peter Verey, ???, Jarek ???, Geoff Gray-Lee Barry Webb [Sydney 4 November 2002]

Right: At the GGWC dinner, Erich Richter and Jose Caratini, our lightweight champions who made history with their classic 'art book' photos in Tom Bianchi's GGVI coffee table book of athletes. Notice the mouse over Erich's right eye. That sold a few extra copies. [Sydney, February 2002]
Erich and Jose

SF EagleTavern FundRaiser 1985 With Scott at Fox Studios Left:At GGVI Closing Cermonies at Fox Studios. PowerLifter Scott Velliquette and I have been friends since GGI 1982.
[9 November 2002]
Above:SF EagleTavern FundRaiser 1985. Oh to be 140#s again!
[August 1985] Gino Dermody, John ????, Mickey Bailey, Gary France, John ????, Carlis Sharpe, ?????, ?????, ?????

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HillSide XIV 2007
HillSide Wrestling XIV 2007

GGWC Team Photos: 1990-2008
Golden Gate Wrestling, 1990
Golden Gate Wrestling team, 1990 Vancouver GG3
Golden Gate Wrestling, 1994
Golden Gate Wrestling team, 1994 NYC GG4
Golden Gate Wrestling, 1998
Golden Gate Wrestling team, 1998 Amsterdam GG5
Golden Gate Wrestling, 2002
Golden Gate Wrestling team, 2002 Sydney GG6

Golden Gate Wrestling, 2006
Golden Gate Wrestling team, 2006 Chicago GG7

Johnny's Farewell Aloha Party 20080201
Johnny's Farewell Aloha Party 20080201: The 1998 Amsterdam Squad Reunion

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