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Gene Dermody, Gold Medalist in Freestyle Wrestling, 2002 Gay Games "Secret of the Snakes"

Celtic artwork for my NEXT tattoo. I relate to its cult symbolism .

grandparents, Vincent &
grandparents, Vincent &
Grandparents Vincent and Elizabeth Villata The Dermodys
Above: Quintessential suburban family: The Dermodys: Gene Sr., Bobby, Dottie, and Gene Jr. (me). Check out the Christmas tree. My mother had it all the ornaments sprayed pink, with pink lights. Wonder why I paint everything arctic white? [Carlstadt NJ, 1955]

Left: My maternal grandparents, Vincent and Elizabeth Villata, had the greatest influence on me. [Arizona 1958]

Right: Timmy was a 5-year-old female red-eared slider, named for a childhood pet. Teresa was a 6-year-old female southern painted. They are both 7" [2003]. They escaped and ran away!

Gene at a senior prom, 1968

Me at 17, front row left (a previous life). [June 1968 Wood-Ridge New Jersey High School Senior Prom]

Brother Bob Dermody and family

The 'other' Dermodys: Brother Bob, nephew David, sister-in-law Rose, niece Kelly [San Diego 1994]

Mother Dottie
Cousin Georgette, Mama Dot and cousin Barbara [Christmas 2005, River Edge NJ]

Bryan Northam and Gino
Bryan Northam with Gino [Christmas 2005, San Francisco]

Bill Dolive

Above: NYC's talented and ubiquitous stage manager for opera, ballet, and stage... my oldest and dearest friend, Bill Dolive. [Montauk, 1980]

Nancy Dito

Above: Nancy Dito, Director, Eureka Valley Recreation Center, 2003. Nancy was our protector at the rec center for almost 10 years. We could always depend upon her to go to bat for us with SF Parks & Rec. She made sure we got Memorial Day weekend for our tournaments and made sure the daytime kids and seniors did not mess with our mats. She put GGWC on the EVRC board along with the Tony Jasinski's Hot Shots basketball teams. Nancy retired this year after shepherding through the long awaited EVRC renovation project. We gave her an official 2012 San Francisco Olympics bid poster. Nancy was responsible for a lot of the positive community changes at EVRC, that opened up the facility to a lot of the G&L teams. She managed to keep peace among the yuppie tiny-tot parents, the dog run contingent, the softball teams, the yoga classes, the senior lunch crowd, the lyric glitter kids, the latino indoor soccer leagues, the basketball leagues, the volleyball leagues, the homeless, and us. I admired her no nonsense, upfront style. She was tough but fair, and will be missed.
Father Mychal

Above: Father Mychal Judge OFM, my pastor in the '60s at St. Josephs RC. Not just what a priest should be, but what a man should be.
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